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some things im working on


Implementing FROST multisignatures in the secp256kfun library πŸ¦€. FROST (Flexible Round Optimised Schnorr Threshold) allows multiple parties cooperatively generate a single joint public key. The group can sign under this joint key provided a threshold number of parties t individually create partial signatures. These signatures shares are combined to form a single schnorr signature, valid under the joint public key.

Like MuSig2, FROST multisignatures enhance user privacy as FROST's single signature spends are indistinguishable from any other P2TR (taproot) transaction. FROST also allows for better backup redundancy, where you can lose up to n-t shares and still spend funds; unlike MuSig which is an n-of-n scheme where you must not lose any shares. FROST enables cooperation between larger n parties, with less impact of one party becoming uncooperative.


SatSale is a lightweight payment processor written in python - SatSale.org. Supports onchain & clightning/lnd, lightning address, woocommerce, point-of-sale. Can be used to spit out unique addresses like we see on the left/below. (test em)

Blind Schnorr Signatures

Making a to blind schnorr signature implementation in a PR to secp256kfun. Blind signatures allow you to disguise a message which you then ask a signing server to sign. Once you recieve the signature for the message, you can unblind it, resulting in a completely uncorrelated signature which is still valid under the server's public key.


I've also been helping make the secp256kfun MuSig2 implementation compatible with the draft MuSig BIP. Work was needed for the the ability to create "ordinary" taproot tweaks to the joint MuSig key. These ordinary tweaks, as opposed to X-only tweaks, are used to derive BIP32 child keys for addresses using the MuSig aggregate key.

Various secret projects


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did the bogdanoff twins fake their own deaths?
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