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some things im working on


Implementing FROST multisignatures in the secp256kfun library πŸ¦€. FROST (Flexible Round Optimised Schnorr Threshold) allows multiple parties cooperatively generate a single joint public key. The group can sign under this joint key provided a threshold number of parties t individually create partial signatures. These signatures shares are combined to form a single schnorr signature, valid under the joint public key.

Like MuSig2, FROST multisignatures enhance user privacy as FROST's single signature spends are indistinguishable from any other P2TR (taproot) transaction. FROST also allows for better backup redundancy, where you can lose up to n-t shares and still spend funds; unlike MuSig which is an n-of-n scheme where you must not lose any shares. FROST enables cooperation between larger n parties, with less impact of one party becoming uncooperative.


SatSale is a lightweight payment processor written in python - SatSale.org. Supports onchain & clightning/lnd, lightning address, woocommerce, point-of-sale. Can be used to spit out unique addresses like we see on the left/below. (test em)

Blind Schnorr Signatures

Making a to blind schnorr signature implementation in a PR to secp256kfun. Blind signatures allow you to disguise a message which you then ask a signing server to sign. Once you recieve the signature for the message, you can unblind it, resulting in a completely uncorrelated signature which is still valid under the server's public key.


I've also been helping make the secp256kfun MuSig2 implementation compatible with the draft MuSig BIP. Work was needed for the the ability to create "ordinary" taproot tweaks to the joint MuSig key. These ordinary tweaks, as opposed to X-only tweaks, are used to derive BIP32 child keys for addresses using the MuSig aggregate key.

Various secret projects


avoid games of chess with market makers

pay this invoice to help fund my expensive test-on-mainnet addiction:

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this could be you

recommended engineering resources & events

excellent utxo.club recommended sources for building on bitcoin

bitcoin whitepaper & mastering bitcoin

chaincode seminars - Bitcoin & Lightning protocol seminars (+with online group sessions).
The perfect *next step*. Highly recommend for learning the protocol at a deep level, and also great for meeting other bitcoiners.

bitcoinops.org - Perhaps the best catalogue of technical bitcoin writing

bitcoin bush bash - Australian Bitcoin Conference: talks & demos (in person only)

sydney socratic seminars - indepth discussion on technical bitcoin development (zoom)

bitcoincore.reviews - A weekly review club for Bitcoin Core PRs (+opportunity to learn IRC)

local btc meetups are a must

Learning programming is mostly done by programming - starting your own project or just running others' code is greater progress than reading other people's README.mds!

Your own idea is easiest to motivate, regardless of usefulness of practicality. Using libraries and other people's repositories allows you to combine powerful software.
Some inspiration::

tutorials for learning

pick one and try it

how to compile bitcoin from source and run the tests

landchad.net: start your own website

running silent payments on signet

create a legacy bitcoin address from scratch in C

how to be perfect (git good with rebase)


accumulating list of things to explore deeper, laterβ„’

BLS and announcement free DLCs - Oracles are only called upon to arbitrate DLC bets when there is a dispute.


Silent payments - Private reusable static addresses without the need for an onchain 'notification transaction' while also remaining non-interactive. Receiver detects payments by scanning the UTXO set. Also see: article and reusable taproot addresses.


Minimint - Federated chaumian banks that allow the anonymous transfer of assets that are backed by the mint.


Teleport transactions - Alice and bob can exchange bitcoin with one another in completely disconnected transactions (think atomic swap on the same chain).


taproot magic

++ blind schnorr signatures

Schnorr Signature Series - from the basics to blind signatures, scriptless scripts, multisignature schemes.
Highly recommend that you have a go at writing any math out.

Blind Schnorr Signatures & Security (video) - so informative you'll have to pause a lot.

BIP340 - Schnorr Signatures for secp256k1- lots of small intricacies like how taproot public keys have implicity y-coordinates (xonly).

assorted inspiring articles

articles we've read, refreshed occasionally

b10c.me : extracting the private key from schnorr signatures that reuse a nonce && the daily bitmex broadcast

How I checked over 1 trillion mnemonics in 30 hours to win a bitcoin John Cantrell

Entropy Attacks! The conventional wisdom says that hash outputs can't be controlled; the conventional wisdom is simply wrong.

Bitcoin's fungibility must become completely unquestionable through various abstractions of utxos. Collaborative transactions, multisigs, and swaps, L2s, & protocol changes.

Bitcoin & Fungability discussion

the biggest problem with cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Q+A @ bitcoiner.guide

bitcoin + FOSS @ k3tan.com



did the bogdanoff twins fake their own deaths?
will they return to haunt the btc markets?

more important things to come