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At Frostsnap ❄ we're making bitcoin self-custody easy.

With Frostsnap you can start with a single device that plugs into your phone. In the Frostsnap app, you can create a new wallet. Actions are sent from the Frostsnap app to the device where they are confirmed.

If you want to upgrade the security of your bitcoin wallet, you can connect more frostsnap devices and seamlessly upgrade to a multisignature wallet protected behind multiple keys.

For example, with three frostsnap devices you can create a 2-of-3 where you need to sign on any two of the devices in order to spend funds.

With frostsnap, we've devised a way to create additional access policies to the same wallet, such as a "spending key" where a single device can spend up to some user defined limit per day.

Or a user could create an additional set of multisig keys for inheritance. Suppose you create an additional 3-of-3 and share those keys amongst trusted parties.

Advancements of cryptography allow us to build an upgradable, personalized, and intuitive self-custody experience. Frostsnap is building out this vision.

FROST provides great privacy, scales well with fees, and is malleable (can add or remove signers after key generation!). πŸͺ„ polynomials ❄.

For more, check out my conversation with Stephan Livera Podcast #476: What is FROST? Is it the future of Bitcoin Multisig?

avoid games of chess with market makers


SatSale is a lightweight payment processor written in python - SatSale.org.

You can connect SatSale to your own Bitcoin node or clightning/lnd node. SatSale also supports xpubs, lightning addresses, woocommerce point-of-sales and more! It can be used to spit out unique addresses like we see around this page (test em).

Blind Schnorr Signatures

With blind signatures you can have a server sign something, without them learning what they have signed. This is powerful for building coordinators or authorities that respect user privacy.

blind schnorr signatures demo πŸ‘€ which runs entirely in browser using WASM πŸ¦€ and it can even sign a Nostr post

Blind schnorr signature implementation in a PR to secp256kfun.

Various secret projects


did the bogdanoff twins fake their own deaths?
will they return to haunt the btc markets?

more important things to come