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SatSale is a lightweight payment processor written in python - SatSale.org. You can connect SatSale to your own Bitcoin node or clightning/lnd node. SatSale also supports xpubs, lightning addresses, woocommerce point-of-sales and more! SatSale can be used to spit out unique addresses like we see here. (test em)

Blind Schnorr Signatures

Making a blind schnorr signature implementation in a PR to secp256kfun. Blind signatures allow you to disguise a message which you then ask a signing server to sign. Once you recieve the signature for the message, you can unblind it, resulting in a completely new signature that is still valid under the server's public key. I.e. you can get a server to sign something, without them having any knowledge of what they have signed! This is powerful for coordinators or authorities to maintain user privacy.

I've built a demonstration of blind schnorr signatures πŸ‘€ which runs entirely in browser using WASM πŸ¦€ and it can even sign a Nostr post!


I've also been helping make the secp256kfun MuSig2 implementation compatible with the MuSig BIP. Work was needed for the the ability to create "ordinary" taproot tweaks to the joint MuSig key. These ordinary tweaks, as opposed to X-only tweaks, are used to derive BIP32 child keys for addresses using the MuSig aggregate key.


  • Spoke @ BitcoinAlive on Next Gen Multisig and a panel on Bitcoin not Shitcoin.
  • Hosting Melbourne Bitdevs.
  • Hacking things into Nostr such as frostr: the world's first shared-custody social media account.
  • Attending Bitcoin Bushbashes and giving talks on things I am overly excited about.
  • Contributed to gun - a command line bitcoin wallet.

Various secret projects


avoid games of chess with market makers


Building the next generation of multisignature custody tools for digital assets Bitcoin. With Flexible Round Optimized Threshold (FROST) signatures, you can share custody of bitcoin with some t-of-n threshold:

For example, you could arrange a 2-of-3 where one device is your phone, one is your laptop, and the third is a hardware wallet. In order to spend your bitcoin you must sign on two of these three devices. An alternative scenario that a company with 6 exectutives generates a FROST key which they share, requiring 4-of-6 to sign for the company.
Unlike existing multisignature technology (script multisigs), FROST retains upmost privacy. Recently we have added FROST to the secp256kfun library. I am also tinkering with a work in progress ROAST wrapper to make these multisignatures robust, **guaranteeing** signatures with t-of-n honest signers.

FROST multisignatures enhance user privacy as FROST's single signature spends are indistinguishable from any other P2TR (taproot) transaction. FROST also allows for better backup redundancy, where you can lose up to n-t shares and still spend funds; unlike MuSig which is an n-of-n scheme where you must not lose any shares. FROST enables cooperation between larger n parties, with less impact of one party becoming uncooperative.

Hear my conversation with Stephan Livera Podcast #476: What is FROST? Is it the future of Bitcoin Multisig?

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this could be you

did the bogdanoff twins fake their own deaths?
will they return to haunt the btc markets?

more important things to come